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Safety Equipment

Captain's Call :

Family Yachters, Seasonal Fisherman, Weekend Boaters !!

Your Vessel is an island and supports your very life.
The Sea is Our Ultimate Freedom ... where you can escape the everyday trappings of an all consuming job, busy freeways or the too many people & noise of modern life ! The sea is there to offer renewal w/ the excitement of a beautiful fish or the tranquility of a perfect anchorage ... then you feel all is well & life is good !!

HOWEVER ... you must be aware of the dangers that exist in this unforgiving element where many have perished do to mechanical & safety equipment malfunctions or the lack of personal training to weather conditions & Navigational Awareness.

It is imperative when leaving a Safe Harbor w/ Loved Ones that you have properly prepared your vessel in every respect to insure All Systems have been given the Very Necessary Care & Maintenance !! You Absolutely positively must know Your Vessel !!

I am available to you for Private Consultation

I will do an overall Above & Below Decks Inspection of Your Vessel.
I will go through all of the Vessel Safety Equipment & make suggestions on what needs to be added or renewed & can provide instruction on where to stow & how to deploy & why ... Very Important !!

I would be glad to look at Your Navigational Package & offer some ideas on how to use or how to improve on what you have & remember it is always Seaman Wise to carry the NOAA Charts w/ the proper Navigational Tools just in case the electrical system fails ... you will have the ability to find your way home !!

My Dad taught me : “Any job large or small ... do it right or not at all”

I am here for you ... I would be more than happy to offer any knowledge I have to you for Safe & Happy Vessel Operation & have your prized platform Perfectly Equipped & Beautifully Maintained ... all you have to do is call !!

Captain . Tom Orchard . Broker